How to Win an Argument


Janie Bohus and Ashleigh Sanjur

Do you ever find yourself having an argument and losing? Well then, if this is your first time here, welcome to the advice column! This week we are telling you how to not lose an argument.
The first step in winning an argument is to know your facts. Do your research on the topic before hand and remember them for the argument. Make sure that your facts apply to the side you’re arguing against, however, or else you’ll of done all of the research for nothing.
The second step is the actual argument. During that time your opponent might try to distract you, but stay vigilant! Try to distract them from their argument instead. Another thing is to keep your emotions at bay. If you get angry then you’ve already lost. Keep your wits and use your logic. Do all of this and you’re sure to win a lot more arguments!