The ZTE Axon M

Rbian Rusputra, Tech Writer

ZTE Axon M


 The ZTE Axon M is just like a standard Axon phone with a 5.2” screen, 4GB of RAM and a 20MP cam. What makes this phone unique is that it has two screens.  The 2nd screen is connected to the main screen and is able to be flipped away, making the phone act like a standard phone. The 2nd screen can also be utilized as a stand to keep the phone app while streaming a video.


The phone has 4 display modes: mirror, single, dual, and extended.

Mirror: both screens will display the same content

Single: only allows one screen to be active

Dual: allows access for 2 apps to run at the same time

Extended: extends the same content across both screens


With these modes, everything will be more convenient. Mirror mode is going to make it easier for you to share and watch a video with another person sitting across you, Extended mode is going to make reading and surfing the internet easier, and the Dual mode is going to let you multitask on a smartphone.