Is Hand Sanitizer Really Helping You?

Cedric Sherwani, Reporter

Is hand sanitizer really helping or harming you? Hand sanitizers are designed to kill microbes, such as bacteria and viruses. But overusing hand sanitizer can help you develop Antibacterial Resistance. The more you use hand sanitizer, the more antibacterial resistance you develop. (Antibacterial Resistance is resistance to any antibacterial or antimicrobial products. Ex: hand sanitizer)

Some argue that hand sanitizer is useful, but only in hospitals. They do help prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria from person to person through hospital personnel. Outside of a hospital setting, people often catch viruses and bacteria from direct contact with people who already have the virus or bacteria. Hand sanitizer is not suitable to help in this circumstance, and washing your hands with good old fashioned soap and water is still proven to work better than hand sanitizer.

What do you think? Is hand sanitizer helpful or harmful for you?