Students Apply Marketable Skills to Create “Smart” House


Staff Photo

Mr. Mathews shares the inside intricacies of AGA's "smart" house at STEAM Fest 2019.

Jennifer Fanea, Managing Editor

Mr. Kerry Mathews’s Fifth-period technology class is putting the finishing touches on a miniature”smart” house. The students have built it entirely by hand.

Mr. Mathews said the students are working in four groups: builders, designers, coders, and arts and crafts. The designers are the architects. They design things and create the framework/ a foundation for the

“The coders are programmers,” he said.  “They write software for the home.
Without the coders, the doors, lights, and windows wouldn’t function

He said the builders do the majority of the wiring, and the arts/crafts team is
responsible for making things visually appealing. The artists are given the
freedom to use their creativity.

“This project is teaching students multiple marketable skills such as architecture, C.A.D., and programming,” Mr. Mathews said, adding that “no other schools in Broward County are doing something as advanced as this.

“This creation is considered college work but
ninth, tenth and eleventh grades are working on it which is quite remarkable.”