Health & Physical Education

No Health, No Knowledge

Joseph Glusman, Reporter

Coach Bentley, Physical Education teacher, at Avant Garde Academy High School is a miraculous teacher who just wants the young teens of Avant Garde to know the true meaning of Physical Education and the purpose of involving their health. The AHA recommends at least 225 minutes of PE per week in high schools. With this much time, downplaying PE essentially downplays the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

“To develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities, and attributes necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical well beings is the main purpose of taking Physical Education, ” asserts Coach Bentley.

Coach Bentley states her goal this month of September is to apply the student’s knowledge from a presentments test to play flag football and transition out of volleyball. This helps improve students ability to comprehend similar skills that involve multiple activities.

Physical Education isn’t just a course in school. It’s an opportunity!