Middle School Basketball Game (Bair Middle)

Cory McEwen, Coach of Middle Basketball

Coach AGA Boys Middle School Basketball


AGA Middle School Boys basketball team had another thrilling comeback victory over Bair Middle School with the final score 27-25. Leading the way scoring 11 points was Joshua Carter, then Brian Wright with 8 points following with 6th grader (Ms. Ramos son) Isaac M.


Great team defense & full court pressing the entire game lead to over 20 steals in the game. Defense wins games & these boys showed that last night. There was no quitting or giving up in these guys last night. I’m so proud of these players.


Now the team is 2-0 with their record & plays Walter C. Young in a home game Oct. 22 at AGA at 4:30 pm. Everyone is encouraged to come and show their school spirit and support the teams.


The AGA Girls lost 36-6 at Bair Middle School. This was a tough team to play, and the AGA Girls gave it their best shot, and are showing lots of improvements every day.


A final note: if any athletes are struggling in their academic classes: Let me and Girls Coach Dr. Ms. Bentley know so we can get them back on track.