Boo Grams For Your Boo!

Ashley Coronel, Opinion Page

Attention AGA students of all grades! Student government is proudly presenting our very own Boo Grams. Boo Grams are cards, specifically in a pumpkin or ghost shape, that you can write a message on. Keep in mind, they can be anonymous notes, but they must be appropriate for school. Buy your friends or even someone you like a Boo Gram with your own personal message and we will deliver them on Halloween at school to the receiver you choose.  

              These Boo Grams are available in the cafeteria before school starts from  7:00 to 7:20 AM. They are also available for purchase for Elementary grade levels from 7:50 to 8:30 AM. Parents can also purchase these Boo Grams for their children. They cost only $1 each. Boo Grams are available until October 30th. Happy Halloween!