Spirit Week!

Sierra Rice, Reporter

At Avant Garde Academy we are going to have our very first school Spirit Week!

This is not going to be just any regular high school spirit week. The spirit week will be inclusive to Middle Schoolers too!

On Monday, October 15th you can team up with your partner in crime to create unique outfits that only you and your twin will be wearing.

On Tuesday, October 16th don’t forget to grab your sunglasses and Hawaiian shirt and travel as a tourist!

On Wednesday, October 17th you can grab whatever you want to wear to school, with a twist. Accidentally put your shirt on inside out? That’s okay! Accidentally put on mismatched socks this morning? That’s perfect! Forgot to do the other half of your hair? Even better! Wednesday is all about being wacky!

On Thursday, October 18th it’s all about being comfortable! Maybe you are running late to school and don’t have time to dress. Just hop out of bed, grab your backpack and you are good to go! No need to pick out an outfit when you’re already dressed for the day’s theme!

Spirit Week concludes with a Homecoming Dance, The Great Gatsby theme, at Dave & Buster’s Friday, Oct. 19.