How to not be stressed?


Janie Bohus and Ashleigh Sanjur

Stress is a part of life. It happens sometimes whether you plan it or not. Here are a few ways not to stress out…
   One way to help stay away from stress is to make a schedule of what’s due and when. It may seem annoying, but in the end it can really help you. You should do what’s due first, first, and don’t wait until the last moment. For larger projects, separate the work into equal amounts that finish at least a day before the due date, that way you have an extra day in case something happens to delay your work.
    A second way to fight stress is to pace yourself. This ties in with the last tip and also reduces stress. Don’t put all your work at once, even it out with free time. If you have clubs or after-school activities, try to work around them.
    Working nonstop can be stressful and can increase your anxiety levels, making it more difficult to do the work properly. If other non-school related things affect you, try speaking with close friends about the issues that make you stressed. Try to confront the problem, if possible, and resolve it. Remember you can always talk to your counselor and find solutions in different media, such as, etc Trying to do hobbies in your free time is also a way to make you happy and calm