Students Say Goodbye to Mr.Vazquez

Sierra Rice and Samantha Sorg

Farewell Mr. Vazquez

On October 1st distressing news began circulating throughout Avant Garde Academy. Students and teachers didn’t know for sure if this was accurate news or false rumors. Many didn’t want to believe it was true.

Not soon after this news had spread through the school, it was revealed that this information was, in fact, true. Mr. Jose Vazquez was leaving the school.

Students, parents, and teachers were left wide eyed at the news, none of them had expected it nor seen it coming. Vazquez was loved by many. From students, to parents, to coworkers, Vazquez had formed many memorable bonds with people during his years at the school and will be missed.

On his last day at the school, students he taught in the previous years and students he was teaching currently gathered to say their final goodbyes to him, wishing him multitudes of luck wherever he finds himself next.