Mario Kart Tournament Winners!

AGA Staff

November 7, 2018

1st. Jorge I Roche-9th Grade 2nd.Daniel Musaelyan-10th Grade Jorge won the Tournament and the prize a Gamestop gift card  

New School Year, Official Leaders

Jennifer Fanea, Managing Editor

September 4, 2018

Everything is coming together this school year at Avant Garde Academy, thanks to our official and well-appreciated principal, Mr. Mesa. Over the past few years, Mr. Mesa has shown how much he cares for the students at AGA. He...

Health & Physical Education

Joseph Glusman, Reporter

September 4, 2018

Coach Bentley, Physical Education teacher, at Avant Garde Academy High School is a miraculous teacher who just wants the young teens of Avant Garde to know the true meaning of Physical Education and the purpose of involving their...

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