Current Events @AGA

Boys/Girls Basketball Schedule


DATE      TIME          OPPONENT                  H/A

Jan. 11th|7:00 p.m.| Sheridan Hills|AWAY

Jan. 12th|5:30 p.m.| Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines|AWAY

Jan. 16th|4:00 p.m.| Grace Prep.|HOME

Jan. 17th|4:00 p.m.| David Posnack|HOME

Jan. 22nd|4:00 p.m.| Piney Grove|HOME

Jan. 23rd |4:00 p.m.| Allison Academy|AWAY

Jan. 25th|5:30 p.m.| Hollywood Christian|HOME

Jan. 29th|4:00 p.m.|West Park|HOME

Jan. 31st|5:30 p.m.|David Posnack|AWAY

Feb. 5th|4:00 p.m.|West Park|HOME

Feb. 11th|3:45 p.m.|Elite Academy|HOME


DATE      TIME         OPPONENT             H/A

Jan. 11th|5:30 p.m.|Sheridan Hills|AWAY

Jan. 12th|4:00 p.m.|Franklin Academy|AWAY

Jan. 16th|5:30 p.m.|Franklin Academy|HOME

Jan. 18th|4:00 p.m.|Hollywood Christian|AWAY


MS Flag Football Schedule


DATE     TIME       OPPONENT         H/A

Feb. 1st|4:00 P.M.|Pines Charter|HOME

Feb. 2nd|4:00 P.M.|Bair|HOME

Feb. 6th|4:15 P.M.|Driftwood|AWAY

Feb. 12th|4:15 P.M.|Tequesta Trace|AWAY

Feb. 19th|4:15 P.M.|Glades|AWAY

Feb. 20th|4:00 P.M.|Pioneer|HOME

Feb. 25th|4:00 P.M.|New Renaissance|HOME

Feb. 26th|4:00 P.M.|Imgaine Weston|HOME

Mar. 5|TBA|Playoffs TOP 2 TEAMS|TBA


DATE     TIME       OPPONENT         H/A

Feb. 1st|5:00 P.M.|Pines Charter|HOME

Feb. 2nd|5:00 P.M.|Bair|HOME

Feb. 6th|5:15 P.M.|Driftwood|AWAY

Feb. 12th|5:15 P.M.|Tequesta Trace|AWAY

Feb. 19th|5:15 P.M.|Glades|AWAY

Feb. 20th|5:00 P.M.|Pioneer|HOME

Feb. 25th|5:00 P.M.|New Renaissance|HOME

Feb. 26th|5:00 P.M.|Imgaine Weston|HOME

Mar. 5|TBA|Playoffs TOP 2 TEAMS|TBA

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Current Events @AGA