2018-2019 Staff

Jennifer Fanea

Managing Editor

I am an honor student who is responsible. I love spending time with family and friends. Enjoy swimming as a recreational activity.        

Zack Brown

Chief Digital Officer

I enjoy tinkering with computers, I have had my position for 2 years now due to my expertise in web designing and knowledge of technology.      

Jacob Mcelyea

IT Director

My name is Jacob and I am the IT director for the website and I also assist the Chief Digital Officer in troubleshooting problems. I also enjoy working on cars and driving them.

Ashleigh Sanjur

Advice Column/Podcaster

I’m Ashleigh Y. Sanjur. I was born in Miami Beach, FL, on May 18th, 2002. I moved to The Republic of Panama when I was six years old, and lived there for eight years, before returning to the USA. I enjoy painting, drawing, lis...

Janie Bohus

Advice Column/Podcaster

I was born here in Florida and I've lived here all my life. My favorite color is blue and I don't know what else to write. And that's my life.

Arthur Abgaryan


Hello I’m Arthur and I was born and raised in Florida. I am into sports such as basketball, and table tennis. I love pets, especially dogs and I love to play bowling on my spare time.

Oscar Rodriguez

Photographer/Sports Editor

Hi I'm Oscar Rodriguez. I am the photographer and sports writer for newspaper and yearbook. I am also photo editor for the 2018-2019 AGA Yearbook. I'm an expert on cameras and photoshop.

Ashley Coronel

Opinion Page

      This is Ashley Giselle Martinez Coronel. She was born in Miami and now lives currently in Hollywood, Florida. She enjoys writing and absolutely loves to draw. She is a junior whose dream is to become a pediatric neu...

Lachante Pierre

Opinion Page

My name is LaChante Pierre. I am in the eleventh grade. I was born in Miami, Florida and currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I enjoy drawing, shopping, and traveling. One of my future aspirations is to become an ...

Rbian Rusputra

Sports Reporter

Hi, my name is Rbian Rusputra and this is my freshman year. My favorite hobby is playing badmiton. This is my first time here in AGA and the U.S. and I’m looking forward to having a great time here. ...

Steven Clavijo


My name is Steven Clavijo and I am in 9th grade. I was born on September 10th,2003 and am 15 years old. To pass time I'm usually on my phone or playing video games .

Vilma Manzanillo


My name is Vilma Manzanillo and I am a 16-year-old Junior at Avant Garde Academy. One thing I am very proud of is being very committed to my church. My dreams in life are to one day become a federal agent and make the world a b...

Hannah Thompson


My name is Hannah. I am 15 years old. My hobbies are volleyball and arts and crafts. I am on AGA's JV Volleyball team.

Joesph Glusman


My name is Joseph Glusman, I am 16 and a Jr Avant Garde Academy. I was born in Jamaica and migrated to the US in 2005. I am Jewish, I love writing, and I plan to write movies in the future.  

Beatriz Gonzalez


I am passionate to major in medicine. I love my pets with all my heart. Family always comes first for me.

Isabella Gonzalez

Music Reporter

My name is Isabella Gonzalez Diaz and I'm a junior. I’m the band captain. I do many bands/choirs outside of schools and I play French horn and sing in the Soprano section and what I want to study is music. I play french horn a...

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